Hi, I am Abhinav. I am a passionate computer science engineer with a curious mind and a strong appetite for learning. I am pursuing M.Sc. in Big Data at Simon Fraser University, presently working on my co-op term as a Data Scientist at PHEMI Systems Inc. in Vancouver. I enjoy working with data to solve difficult problems with creativity. I have a special interest in machine learning, data mining and big data analytics.

I possess the right set of skills to help you tackle your big data challenges. I can help you understand your data better to find interesting patterns and extract useful information that will add to the value of your business. I can help you understand and define problems clearly, and devise robust and efficient solutions to your big data challenges.

I am on Oracle Certified PL SQL Developer Associate. I am proficient in SQL and have hands-on experience in working with a wide range of structured and non-structured databases, including Oracle database, MySQL, HBase, etc. I am proficient in statistical analysis and data visualization using R, object oriented programming with Python and PHP, and web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript besides other technical skills. I have hands-on experience in building projects with big data technologies such as Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive and HBase.

I have solid analytical and problem solving skills. I can communicate in clear, concise and comprehensive manner, and explain even fairly complex concepts to a non-technical audience in an easy to understand manner. I have strong team skills and the ability to work independently with rigour and efficiency.

To learn more about me in a formal format, view my Résumé. You are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn.

About this website

I write about my encounters with technology on my blog occasionally. In the past, I published reviews and blogging tutorials at Inspirit Blog to enable new bloggers establish a web presence and advanced bloggers to develop effective content and monetization strategies. I have extensive experience in designing websites and developing WordPress themes and plugins. Most recently, I designed and developed the website for IoT Bangalore, one of the fastest growing Internet of Things communities in the world.